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Value for money

As a not for profit housing organisation, delivering value for money is crucial. Every £1 that we spend on homes and services has to work for our customers and communities. 

Value for money is at the heart of our Fair Landlord approach, ensuring that we allocate our resources fairly, to benefit more of our customers.

What do we mean by value for money

Value for money is much more than a financial statement. It is about looking at everything we do and making sure:

  • What we spend provides value for money and delivers a good return
  • We understand the costs and outcomes of our services enabling us to make informed decisions on how we spend our resources
  • We are working efficiently and effectively 
  • Our work brings benefits to customers and communities
  • We continually review the best ways to deliver our services including considering  partnership opportunities to support our work

Every year our Group report back to you on the value for money we provide. To view these reports please visit our group value for money page  - www.housingplusgroup

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