Request a repair

You can request a non-emergency repair by completing our online form below. Please DO NOT use this form to report emergency repairs.

If you have an emergency repair please call us on 0300 300 0059 (includes out of hours emergency repairs).  To check what is classed as an emergency repair please check our request a repair page.

Some repairs are your responsibility under the terms of your tenancy agreement. Please take a look at our repairs checklist before requesting a repair.

Repairs checklist


Our responsibility

Your responsibility

Chargeable service available

Lighting in communal entrance or landing



Blocked guttering

Cleared as part of the MOT programme



Window won’t close or open



Broken shower (which we fitted)



Leaking roof



Loss of power



Problem with your hot water or heating



Decorating the outside of your home

Completed as part of the MOT programme



Repair tap or kitchen unit



Misted glass in windows

Replaced as part of the MOT programme



Blocked sink, bath, shower or toilet


We can offer advice to unblock

If blockage cuased by customer



We can offer advice to reduce


Lost key


New bulb for lighting inside your home or for your security lighting


Broken/smashed windows   ✔ We will make safe only

Fixtures and fittings (e.g. curtain rails)



Minor crack in the plaster inside your home



Pest control (e.g. bees, wasps or squirrels)



Replacing a blown fuse



Damaged electrical socket (except fair wear and tear)


If damage caused by customer

Decorating the inside of your home


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