Mutual exchange

You might be able to ‘swap’ your home by exchanging tenancies with tenants of another housing association or council. This tenancy swap is called a mutual exchange.

If you would like to apply to mutually exchange your home, start by registering with Shropshire Homepoint.  This is a mutual exchange service exclusively for social housing tenants and it is free to use.

When you register, you will need to log that Severnside is your current landlord. We will need to give permission for a mutual exchange. The factors we take into consideration before giving permission for a mutual exchange are:

  • Whether either tenant is in rent arrears
  • Whether the property has been maintained in a satisfactory condition
  • Whether a home has been adapted for specific needs
  • Whether the exchange would lead to under-occupation or overcrowding
  • Whether ASB or other breaches of tenancy have occurred
  • The type of tenancies involved and whether they can legally be swapped

If you want to move out of the county you can also access to the national HomeSwap Direct Scheme on the Shropshire Homepoint website.

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