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Leaseholders: subletting

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Managing agent details

The following documents are required to support your application. Please send these to  Please make the subject of your email ‘SUBLET + first line of your address i.e ‘SUBLET 1 Severnside House’.   

  • A copy of a valid Landlord Gas Safety Record 
  • A copy of a valid Electrical Record 
  • A copy of your bank or building society consent letter to the subletting  

If these documents are not received, we will not be able to proceed with your application for subletting.


*I / we confirm that *I / we, *am/are the owner(s) of the above leasehold property and have read and agree to abide by the requirements and responsibilities detailed on this section of the website.   
*I / we have provided all requested information in the application form and supporting documentation listed in the document table and confirm that the details given are correct.  
*I / we will provide a copy of the formal tenancy agreement and signed Good Neighbour Agreement on receipt of permission being granted.  
*I / we agree, if the property is re-let to notify Housing Plus Group with details of the new tenant/s as well as a signed good neighbour agreement for the new tenant/s   
*I / we understand that if the lease covenants are breached by the subtenant(s) or the registered leaseholders, permission can be withdrawn by written notice of Housing Plus Group. 
I confirm I have read, understood and agree with the conditions outlined in the Home Improvements and Alteration section of this website.  

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