Letters sent to customers with external balconies

You may have seen a recent news report about a fire in a block of flats in Barking in the East End of London.  The fire caused major damage and there was a very serious risk to the life of residents.

Following this fire, the Government has issued guidance to landlords, freeholders and building owners to assess the risks of external fire spreading across a building from balconies constructed from materials that can burn easily, including for example wood. The extent of the fire was such that the risk must be taken seriously and therefore we are advising customers that Housing Plus Group (SSHA and Severnside Housing) will be undertaking a comprehensive review of all properties with external balconies to assess the risk as soon as possible.

We are reassuring customers that we will be undertaking these assessments as part of our upcoming fire risk assessment review. In the meantime, we strongly recommend against using any balconies for barbeques or for storing anything that is combustible or anything that has a naked flame or a high heat source.

The safety of our customers and other residents is paramount, so we appreciate support with this, while we assess the need for further measures to reduce risks. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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