Fair Landlord

In October 2017, we introduced Fair Landlord to make sure all of our customers get a fair deal from Severnside. 

By introducing Fair Landlord we are committing to ensuring that our spending, investment and actions are fair for all of our customers.

That means planning our spending to benefit more of our customers. 

Being a Fair Landlord isn’t about us making cuts or reducing services.  We will look carefully at our costs and ask two simple questions:

  1. Are we benefiting the majority of our customers?
  2. Is this our responsibility as a Fair Landlord?

    Our Fair Landlord approach will ensure that we can maintain investment in home improvements, keep building new homes and deliver a great repairs and maintenance service.

    Under Fair Landlord we will be:

    • Proactively working with customers to prevent and reduce rent arrears
    • Clear about the repairs that we are responsible for, as your landlord and what repairs you are responsible for, under the terms of your tenancy agreement.
    • Extending Property Plus’ award-winning MOT repairs programme into Shropshire.
    • Investing savings made as a result of not carrying out repairs, which are not our responsibility, into our planned maintenance programme.

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