Rent and service charges

Ground rent is a small fixed sum payable by the leaseholder to the freeholder (for example Severnside Housing) in recognition of the legal contract between them (the Lease).

Your ground rent is currently £10.00 per year.

A service charge is a payment leaseholders make towards the cost of providing and maintaining services to blocks of flats or maisonettes. Service charges are split fairly between all flats in the block.

The day-to-day running costs for the services provided to flats will include the following:

  • Ground rent.
  • Insuring the building.
  • Cleaning of communal areas.
  • Grounds maintenance.
  • Routine ‘day to day’ repairs and maintenance to communal parts or structure of the block.
  • Energy costs (for example electricity for lighting common parts, operating lifts and so on).
  • Management fee

Queries regarding your service charges?

Please contact Miss K Jones, leaseholder officer directly on 01743 285160.

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