Contents insurance

Severnside insures your home, but not your contents.  We, therefore, strongly recommend that you take out home contents insurance that is sufficient to cover all of the items in your home, such as electrical appliances, furniture, jewellery and other valuables.

If you get burgled or there is a fire or flood you could lose everything you own. Could you afford to replace it?

Many housing association customers have difficulty accessing insurance from mainstream insurers. Standard levels of excess and minimum insurance levels on policies can be too expensive.

Affordable insurance

Severnside do not offer contents insurance, however the National Housing Federation do.  They run a scheme called My Home insurance at a price that is affordable and is designed for tenants.

You can protect your belongings and gain peace of mind knowing if the unexpected happens you are covered.  To find out more visit the My Home website or call them on 0345 450 7288.

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