Elderly customer and support worker outside a bungalow

Sheltered housing

Our sheltered housing schemes are small communities of self-contained flats and bungalows specially designed with the needs of older, disabled and vulnerable people in mind. Each scheme is overseen by a fully trained sheltered/support officer, who is able to provide help and support when needed.  

An alarm can link your home to our monitoring provider Welbeing, providing round-the-clock assistance in the event of an emergency and an OKEachDay management system can be fitted to your home to help keep your independence.

Our sheltered housing is ideal for older people or for those with disabilities who want to maintain their independence with the added peace of mind that comes from in-built support. Most schemes offer social activities for you to take part in such as, outings, gardening clubs, exercise classes and bingo.

Health and Safety checks are carried out on every scheme. This includes fire system testing, reporting any issues, liaising with contractors about asbestos issues, noting and reporting any asbestos concerns, making sure community rooms are clean and all corridors/doors are free from clutter/rubbish. 

Sheltered/support officers will make sure that you and any other people that use the community room are aware of the fire procedure and assembly points and if present act as the responsible person.

We have schemes in most residential areas of Shrewsbury.  Please take a look at our find a sheltered housing scheme page to find out more.

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