Sheltered officers

All of our sheltered housing schemes are run by a sheltered housing officer.  They will:

  • Contact you each working day.

  • Monitor your well-being.

  • Contribute to, monitor and report on the quality of Care Plans, (where applicable) working with Social Services and other agencies to ensure services provided continue to meet your needs.

  • Establish, develop and maintain effective working relationships with community, medical and social care providers, support providers and your family.

  • Promote and encourage your participation in social activities where appropriate.

  • Investigate and attempt to solve complaints and disputes.

  • Liaise with maintenance and other staff to progress and resolve issues and ensure the achievement of high standards of customer service.

  • Carry out relevant weekly Health & Safety/fire checks in all communal areas.

Unfortunately our sheltered officers are unable to:

  • Administer, store, count out or dispense medication.

  • Apply ointments and creams.

  • Administer eye and ear drops.

  • Carry out nursing tasks such as applying dressings or administering injections.

  • Deal with resident's money.

  • Unless it is an emergency, sheltered officers are unable to do shopping or collect prescriptions.

  • Clean for residents.
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