Estate walkabouts

We hold regular Estate Walkabouts around our larger estates and neighbourhoods. Walkabouts enable you to meet up with your neighbourhood officer, and representatives from the Police and Council, to raise any concerns you may have.

Walkabouts aim to address any issues with grounds and highway maintenance, street lighting, graffiti, litter, dog fouling, vandalism, and parking problems.

Following each Walkabout minutes are drawn up, listing any issues raised, which organisations is responsible for resolving them along with timescales.  You can view these minutes in the recent walkabouts table below.

Recent walkabouts

Date Time Area
4th December 2019 10:30am Bomere Heath
12th November 2019 10:30am Springfield
6th November 2019 10:30am Ditherington
9th October 2019 10:30am Harlescott Grange 2
18th September 2019 10:30am Monkmoor 2 PDF icon Monkmoor walkabout minutes - 18 September 2019.pdf
4th September 2019 10:30am Harlescott Grange 1
21st August 2019 9:30am Castlefields PDF icon Post walkabout minutes - Castlefields, Aug 2019.pdf
7th August 2019 10:30am Monkmoor 1
24th July 2019 10:30am Meole PDF icon Meole walkabout minutes - 24 July 2019.pdf
2nd July 2019 2:00pm Nescliffe

Rural Estate walkabouts

Rural Estate Walkabouts are organised every two years.

Dates, times and meeting places are advertised on posters displayed in your local area. 

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