Safe places

We are signed up to a Shropshire Disability Network initiative, called ‘Safe Place’.  Safe Places are short-term safe places for vulnerable people who feel threatened.

If a vulnerable person feels threatened or has a crime committed against them, whilst they are out in the community, they can come to one of Severnside's Safe Places listed below, or go to any registered Safe Place to ask for support.

Severnside's Safe Places

Severnside Housing
Brassey Road
Old Potts Way
Shrewsbury SY3 7FA


Castlefields Digital Den
69 New Park Street
Shrewsbury SY1 2LE


Meole Digital Den
Maesbrook Road
Meole Brace
Shrewsbury SY2 9NL

You can visit the Shropshire Disability Network website to find a list of Safe Places in Shropshire.

Vulnerable people are often victims of crime – as many as 9 out of 10 have had a hate crime committed against them.

Partners of the initiative advertise that they are a registered Safe Place, with window stickers, and anyone who feels they are vulnerable can obtain a special help card by emailing

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