We are commitment to creating thriving neighbourhoods; places that people are proud of and want to live in. We support customers and communities directly by providing affordable homes, care for elderly and vulnerable people and vital services.

We do it in other ways too. Sponsoring outstanding local projects across our region means that we can work with local voluntary groups and organisation to make a difference.

If your community group or organisation would like to apply for sponsor you will need to complete our sponsorship form which can be downloaded below.

The questions in the form have been designed to assess whether your sponsorship request is linked to our business objectives and will benefit our customers and communities. Please answer with as much detail as possible.

Once completed please return to:

Community Sponsorship
Housing Plus Group
Acton Court
Acton Gate
ST18 9AP

Should you have any queries please email us at sponsorship@housingplusgroup.co.uk

Sponsorship form

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